How Can Organic Link Building Help?

The digital marketing world has seen various changes in the course of last few years. Links play a significant role in determining page rank. The count of inbound links decide on blog or website popularity. Link building is a significant part of search engine optimization, and it has multiple benefits. Let us go through the many benefits of this strategy now:

Enhances Search Engine Rank

The buyers of today depend a lot upon online research. Search engines are the heart of online commerce and thus success here can bring in spectacular rewards. The inbound links decide website positioning in the search engine results. Earlier, it was easy to succeed even through usage of low-quality ones but now they suffer a penalty.

Increases Direct and Indirect Visitors to Website

Through submission of quality links, chances of heavy traffic increase substantially. This is because most users are not afraid to click URLs on the most visited websites. The visits or clicks increase substantially in this case. This also aids in summarizing content within just one or two sentences. This is helpful for both the owners as well as visitors of the website.

Establishes as the Leader

Regardless of the market you are in, there is an informal community of websites that potential customers prefer to use. This community comprises of blogs, news sites, portals, magazines, commentators, experts, discussion groups, forums, etc. The prospective customers visit most of these websites while they research on the best products to buy and best companies for conducting business with. If they see content from your website regularly, they will regard you as a market leader. So, opt for a thorough market analysis and find as many niches as possible.

Helps to Attract More Quality Links

The first links are quite hard to get. It is essential to begin working early to build up momentum. With time, it is possible to start earning them without even asking. As soon as you set up your website as the market leader, other websites will begin writing about you, commenting on your products and linking to your website.

Quality Links Live Longer

The quality links stay in place and unlike advertising, they continue bringing in traffic and sale, casting an influence for years to come. The value of inbound links is cumulative and thus goes on influencing ranks and bringing in direct visits for years to come.

Link building refers to seeking authoritative and relevant websites to link back to your articles. This will help to create connections and help Google know about your association with the quality websites. This is one of the best ways to improve usability and get you moving on the right track.

Web Content Writing and Writing Blog Posts With SEO Optimization

Web content writing is an important skill. When writing blog posts or content for your website, SEO optimization is just as important as content quality. Both count! The quality of your web content is critical to the success of your website or blog in both of these respects.

Many websites contain little other than graphics or photos and wonder why they never get a high ranking on Google – and let’s face it; Google is the place to be! OK, Bing is not bad but neither Bing nor Yahoo is in the same class as Google. If you want to make it online, you must have at least a Page #2 ranking on Google – within the first 20 top ranked web pages.

SEO Optimization and Google Ranking

SEO optimization is important factor in your ranking. Google lists individual web pages and posts, not entire websites or blogs. Every one of your pages or posts must offer good content to readers. Each complements the other, and a site with one great page and another 10 pages totally devoid of content might pull that first page way down in the rankings.

The reason why article writers, or article ghostwriters are they are often called, are so important is that they can not only write great content for you that is well optimized without excessive use of keywords, but also because they understand what Google is looking for. At least the best of them do!

Those article writers that understand this will help you with the general SEO on your site in addition to giving you content that will display your authoritative knowledge of your niche or subject. Google is very keen on authority sites, and if yours doesn’t display an expert knowledge, then forget a high ranking.

Write Your Own Blog Posts and Web Content

However – and this is the subject of this article – if they can write it for you, why can’t you do it for yourself? If you have a passion for your subject then that passion will show through in your writing. What do you believe your readers would prefer?

A. Grammatically correct writing, using an academic-style approach to your topic that presents the facts of the topic in a sterile but correct and perfectly written manner, or:

B. Web content or blog posts written by somebody that displays a deep passion for their subject, even though the grammar might be dodgy and the spelling maybe not quite right. You can see they know their topic, but might not be able to write about it using perfect language?

Personally, I prefer the latter, although some prefer the first option. Many people get their hackles raised when they see badly written articles or web content even if the message is clear and compelling! So what’s the solution – A or B?

Web Content Writing is for Readers – Not Search Engines

You have likely read or heard this several times. You should write for your readers and not the search engines, but in practice that is not quite true! Your readers might prefer web content writing that shows passion, even to the extent of ignoring the various errors in grammar and possible overuse of keywords.

The reason people use keywords too much is to get themselves a high ranking on Google for these keywords. The problem is that Google is wise to this, and your web pages and blogs will suffer if you use that approach. Search engine algorithms, crawlers or spiders, whatever you call them, cannot read passion – just character strings.

So – why not use both? Why not write in a passionate way about your subject, but also present it with correct grammar and spelling relevant to your target market? Web content writing need not be a special skill for many people, but if you want to combine A and B, why not have your own words written in a compelling but grammatically correct manner that meets the expectations of all your readers – and potential customers if you have a product or service to sell?

Writing Blog Posts Yourself – or Subcontract It

You can achieve this in only two ways: learn how to do it yourself, or have somebody write it for you. If your first language is not English, then you will likely have a problem. It is unfortunate for many that English is the main language used online – unless you are Chinese. If so, even you will have to present your website or blog in English if you want to take advantage of what the entire world can offer you in visitors, readership and sales.

Web Content Writing and SEO Optimization: Conclusion

To recap: it is very important that your web content is written in a way that your visitors can understand. However, it must also enable Google and other major search engines to establish the meaning of your pages and blog posts. This is fundamental to the SEO optimization of your website or blog.

If you feel confident doing this yourself, then do so. If you do not then have it done for you. Web content writing is a skill that some have and many do not. Writing blog posts is not difficult, but SEO optimization involves a deeper and more fundamental understanding of search engines. Both your SEO optimization and the quality of your web content writing are the most important aspects of your website or blog! Make them good – for your readers and for Google!

Using Big Data For Optimizing Digital Marketing

The massive global growth of the Internet and the importance it is gaining over the years means companies cannot risk doing without this new channel. However, the potential of the “big data” of digital marketing has yet to be reaped by many.

Since its inception in the late 1980s, the Internet has grown exponentially as more and more consumers are getting access to the online world. Along with this growth, the average time users spend online is also seeing a rise. Other than the television, Internet remains a major form of entertainment for people. Online growth is expected to grow, both in terms of usage and reach, since the deployment of the telecom infrastructure is still continuing and the diversification of the Internet seems to be limitless.

The deployment of infrastructure by the telecom industry is expected to boost the penetration of the Internet even further. The availability of the broadband means these countries will get better Internet quality as new innovations like upgraded conventional cable and fiber optic technologies are introduced.

In addition, the Internet-capable devices like Smartphones continue to see an expansion and become widely popular and the demand for tablets sees an explosion. What was once a source for information, it has changed into a primary communication tool, a marketplace, a workplace, a game center, and much more.

The Internet’s role in commerce

There are two reasons for the ubiquity of the Internet to become an unavoidable tool for companies. Firstly, companies find it as a tool to interact with customers. The forum available on the Internet lets companies to market and sell products, build brand relationships that result in more selling of products. One direct result of the Internet becoming a communications and selling platform is the sharp rise in digital marketing of companies. What was limited to banner advertisements and search engine enhancements, digital marketing now incorporates rich media display ads, Facebook content, YouTube video clips, targeted e-mails, and other campaigns. This has resulted in greater allotment of digital marketing budgets over the years.

The second reason for the importance of the Internet to companies is the customer feedback. Consumers browse the Internet for long hours and provides plethora of information about themselves and what they would love to have. They leave behind their online interests, the purchases they usually make, the communications content, and so on. These consumer actions on the Internet are as good as what is found in the “real” world, which collectively provide the “big data” and advanced analytics, as they are collected, recorded, and analyzed.

How to Properly Do Your Own SEO in 2019

Search Engine Optimization is a great way to make money online. There are so many ways to achieves success using only SEO. This is probably why so many internet marketers claim to know exactly how to rank your site #1 on Google. But wait! If they really know the secret to internet marketing and this solution only costs $50 do you really think they would be selling their service on freelancing sites? Personally, if I knew how to rank on search engines for $50, I would be spending all day making new websites and ranking them on Google. I wouldn’t bother trying to sell this secret method to others, certainly not for $50. In reality, SEO costs more in the range of $2,000 to 10,000$ depending on the niche you’re in. So don’t bother buying backlinks from so-called gurus, it will only get your web pages banned from search results. With new Google and Bing algorithm updates, it’s harder to rank if your buying backlinks. Even expensive backlinks can now be flagged by search engines. Once they know you’re buying your links, say goodbye to your position, your web pages will simply disappear from the results. So is there a new method to rank websites? Yes, and I will explain exactly how it’s done. I have seen billion dollar companies use this technique to rank on Google and Bing. The best part about this SEO method is that it’s free. This is perfect because Google will ban your site if you buy backlinks.

So how do you rank on the #1 spot for FREE?

Back in the dawn of the internet, SEO used to be about getting the biggest quantity of links pointing to your site. Marketers would submit their site to directories, they would submit bulk articles with links to thousands of websites. They would post blog comments with software to an uncountable amount of blogs and they created tones of web 2.0 social backlinks. Nowadays, I can’t stress this enough, these outdated techniques do not work, they will harm your SEO efforts and get you banned from search engines. The solution is to adopt a mindset that is focused on getting your site noticed for real. You want real backlinks that generate traffic and brand awareness. And no I’m not talking about contacting your competitors and asking them politely to post your backlinks on their website. The solution is to spread the word about your brand or product.

So where should my links come from?

Write on Blogs, News and real article sites. You need to take the time to write about your product and your niche. Show your expertise on the subject. These sites are craving for real content. A single blog post can generate more money than you might think. Some blogs pay bloggers and marketers hundreds per post, and you get a backlink to your site in the process. Don’t worry about not being the best writer out there. Most people only want a professionals advice, they don’t care if you have a PhD in literature, they only want to “learn how to fix my computer” or “learn how to play the guitar”. Your opinion and expertise are worth more than you think.

Where can I find the right blog or news site to post on?

You need to take the time to research your backlink source. Search for the terms “Blogs that Accept Guest Posts” on Google. When researching for potential blogs make sure to check the Domain Authority of the blog you’re going to post on. Read a few posts on that blog to see if the content is genuine, some blogs use autogenerated content and search engines don’t like that, this type of content usually doesn’t even make sense so it’s easy to spot. Check the number of links pointing out to other websites. If you see a large number of outgoing links then don’t bother posting on that blog.

I’m not good at writing can I buy blog posts?

Yes, but be careful! The only place I completely trust to buy blog posts is Adsy. All of their blogs are legit and they do not use PBNs. The articles they provide are real and unique. The blogs have high DA and PA. To make sure you are getting quality backlinks, don’t buy the whole process as a service. Don’t buy packages that say 50 PBN backlinks for $10. Since you can’t really know where these links are coming from I strongly discourage buying this kind of product. If you’re not using Adsy you should outsource the article writing itself. Then check the quality of the article, run it through a duplicate content checker to see if it already exists on the internet. If it does already exist it won’t get indexed so it’s worthless. Take your time, do some research, find blogs that have real readers. And then submit your articles to a real audience. Only then will your backlinks be worth the time and effort.

How many links should I get?

The number of links varies depending on the niche you are in. The rule of thumb is to roll out one article per week. And from there it’s not really a matter of how many backlinks but how much time it’s going to take. It usually takes a few months of blogging to rank in a low competitive category. You can increase the number of posts you write every week to rank faster but remember to post on a regular basis to spread the indexing evenly. You don’t want to get 100 backlinks one week and then nothing for a month, that would raise a red flag to search engine bots. Remember that a quality link from a real blog or news site is priceless. I have seen websites with five quality links rank before other sites that have thousands of domains pointing in.

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